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Bridge the Gap to Full Blown DAS

(And Save $1,000's)

Cel-Fi Quatra 4000​​

Hybrid Active DAS Cellular Enhancement
For Buildings 10k to 500k Square Feet

Medium to Large Businesses, MDU's, Hotels, Warehouses, Hospitals, and MORE!

We boost the signal of all of the major cell phone providers.

Sprint weak cell phone signal booster Tampa Bay Florida
AT&T weak cell phone signal booster Tampa Bay Florida
Verizon Wireless weak cell phone signal booster Tampa Bay Florida
T-Mobile weak cell phone signal booster Tampa Bay Florida

Using multiple providers?  No problem!  We have solutions that will boost all carriers.

Smartphone technology has revolutionized the way we live.  But inside a home or business, these devices can be limited by a weak signal.  These weak signals cause dropped calls, slow data connections, and increased battery usage.

Full Signal Florida has solutions to fix weak cell signals.  We install only commercial quality cell phone signal boosters.  Our systems cover all major carriers, and boost 3G and 4G data signals. We provide complete turn-key solutions including site testing, equipment, and installation.  Each system is designed to maximize coverage at each specific location.   Imagine having to go INSIDE for a better cell signal!

We are factory trained and authorized installers for HiBoost, Cel-Fi by Nextivity, Wilson Pro and SureCall.  We have installed many systems and have the results to prove it!


We consult with every potential client to determine their cell phone boosting needs and determine a solution that is right for them.  We even provide a budget estimate for the solutions we feel fit their needs best.
Once a client approves a solution and budget, a Full Signal Florida technician will do a complete site evaluation and take signal strength and quality readings.  We then finalize and complete the design and provide the client with a detailed design plans and itemized quote
Upon client acceptance of the system equipment, layout and quote, we will begin the process of scheduling the installation.  Trained and qualified personnel will handle all aspects of the installation.  And no installation is complete until the system is 100% tested and optomized for maximum output.

You now can enjoy your smartphone performance the way it was intended!

Full Signal Florida is committed to installing the highest quality cell phone boosters from Cel-fi, HiBoost, Cel-Fi, Wilson Pro, weBoost, and SureCall. Our site evaluation will first determine which cell phone carriers are used.  We then identify the closest tower locations and broadcast frequencies, and take signal strength readings at all inside and outside locations.  With these readings we can determine which equipment is best for the specific location, and also determine the best locations for the inside and outside antennas.

There is no guesswork.  All testing is done using professional grade test equipment.  These accurate tests allow us to design and install the best system to fit your needs.

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