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Bigger Buildings, More Employees Call For More Powerful Solutions

Florida commercial building cell phone booster public safety BDA sales and installation

​​Commercial buildings, because of their construction are common places for bad cellular signals. For most companies, employees almost exclusively communicate via cell phones. In many cases employees must step away from their desks, go outside - or worse yet, tell a customer "call me back on my office phone".
All of these scenarios result in lost productivity and a less professional image to the customer.  Large retail establishments can be frustrating for customers trying to use their cell phones inside the building.  Many times customers must walk outside to complete a call.  Customers spend their money inside a business.  If employees are leaving their work area or customers are going outside to complete phone calls, the next call should be to Full Signal Florida to design a cell phone booster system for your business.

We are factory authorized dealers for HiBoost, Cel-Fi by Nextivity, SureCall and Wilson Pro, all which make powerful cell phone boosters suitable for large commercial office and retail applications.  If you are in the Tampa Bay area, or anywhere throughout Florida, we can provide solutions to boost the cell phone signal inside your business or commercial building.


  1. Hiboost Industrial 100k F27-5S Commercial Cell Phone Booster
    HiBoost Industrial 100k
    With 83 dB of gain and a whopping 27 dBm of output power, the HiBoost 100K gives RF professionals unsurpassed flexibility in designing fully customized in-building solutions. From gain limited systems in remote areas to high performance distributed antenna systems, the Industrial 100K meets and exceeds the needs of any enterprise or commercial cellular needs.
  2. Nextivity Cel-Fi Quatra Commercial Cell Phone Booster
    Nextivity Cel-Fi Quatra
    Nextivity Cel-Fi QUATRA Active DAS Hybrid is an affordable, all-digital solution. It provides uniform, high quality cellular signal throughout a building, and is scalable to the size needed. Cel-FI QUATRA is carrier approved and guaranteed network safe. Cel-Fi QUATRA delivers a cellular signal that is up to 1000x stronger, utilizing CAT 5e cabling for RF and Power over Ethernet, with no signal attenuation right to the perimeter of the building.
  3. Surecall Force5 2.0 Commercial Cell Phone Booster
    SureCall Force5 2.0
    Commercial Integrator BEST and CE Pro BEST award winner, the SureCall Force5 2.0 is the next evolution in cellular signal boosting technology and the #1 DAS alternative. Equipped with SureCall’s built-in Sentry remote monitoring hardware, Force5 2.0 is the first cell phone signal booster with integrated remote access to adjust and optimize booster performance from off-site via mobile app.
  4. Wilson Pro WeBoost Pro 1100 Commercial Cell Phone Booster
    Wilson Pro 1100
    The Wilson Pro 1100 is a surprisingly powerful, in-building cell signal amplifier; delivering the highest uplink and downlink power in its category. Features a color LCD touchscreen for greater control and usability. Ideal for midsize commercial spaces such as restaurants, offices, and retail stores.
HiBoost Commercial Cell Phone Boosters Sales and Installation Tampa Florida
Nextivity Commercial Cel-Fi Cell Phone Booster sales and installation Tampa Florida
SureCall Commercial cell phone boosters sales and installation Tampa Florida
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We fix poor cellular coverage Tampa Florida

Featured Installation

Full Signal Florida was contacted by a large major corporation to improve cellular coverage in their corporate headquarters, specifically the VIP office area.  We did a "proof of concept" installation in the IT area, and the results were so immediate, the company almost instantly approved the full scale installation for the VIP office area.  They are now so impressed with the results we have been approved to install a Nextivity Cel-Fi QUATRA system for the entire facility!
Poor Cellular Coverage Nextivity Cel-Fi cell phone booster sales and installation
Poor indoor cellular coverage fixed in Florida

Featured Installation

An exclusive country club located remotely from any cell phone towers contacted Full Signal Florida to see if we could provide any solution to provide cell phone service inside the facility.  Their was a very weak outside signal, and even making calls outside the building was difficult.  Also, as is usually the case, the client tried other solutions with no satisfaction.  We installed a Cel-Fi QUATRA system by Nextivity, with powerful LPDA antennas aimed at the distant cell phone towers, and the results were more than impressive.  A better cell phone signal INSIDE the building!