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Many households are using cell phones as their primary source of communication.  In fact, more homes than ever do not even have a landline phone.  The cell phone has become the primary source of communication.  Without landlines, it is crucial that the cell phone signal be strong and consistent.  Not just for convenience, but for safety and security as well.

Full Signal Florida can custom design and install a cell phone booster system to provide maximum coverage for your home, for any carrier or multiple carriers.  Our systems can be scaled for any size home, be it a 200 square foot cottage, or a 20,000 square foot mansion!  Call to set up a free site survey and estimate.  We are located in the Tampa Bay area but can provide cell phone boosting solutions all over the State of Florida.  Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, or any other carrier - we have solutions to boost your cell phone signal.

We FIX weak sell signal!  In most cases, we install the same professional grade equipment in a home as we would in a commercial building.  The benefit is you get a more robust powerful booster system, with better reliability and better performance.  These systems are also around the same installed cost as many other companies "consumer" grade units.


  1. HiBoost Smart Link 15k Residential Home Cell Phone Booster
    HiBoost Smart Link
    HiBoost Smart Link line of signal boosters are ideal for homes of all sizes. Available in 4K, 10K and 15K models, to customize a fit for any home. HiBoost Smart Link series utilizes the Signal Supervisor app. For a superior boosting experience, the application gives users and the HiBoost team the ability to optimize or troubleshoot from anywhere, anytime. Simply connect your booster to Wi-Fi and you'll keep your home's booster running at peak performance.
  2. Wilson Pro Pro70 Residential Home Cell Phone Booster
    Wilson Pro Series
    Designed to provide maximum coverage for luxury homes, large commercial retail or any other application needing better cell signal, the Wilson Pro 70 Plus signal booster significantly amplifies cellular signals for all carriers with up to 70 dB of gain, resulting in reliable 3G, 4G LTE cell coverage.
  3. Nextivity Cel-Fi Cel-Fi GO X Residential Home Cell Phone Booster
    Cel-Fi GO X
    When a single carrier solution is what's needed, nothing beats the Cel-Fi GO X Smart Signal Booster by Nextivity. The GO X is the first carrier-class indoor/outdoor cellular coverage solution to feature industry leading 100 dB system gain and Nextivity’s unconditionally network safe guarantee. Cel-Fi GO X leverages the award-winning Intelliboost signal processing to deliver the industry’s largest coverage footprint with the best voice and data wireless performance.
  4. SureCall Fusion5x 2.0 Residential Home Cell Phone Booster
    SureCall Fusion5x 2.0
    Designed for mid-sized commercial buildings and large residences, The SureCall Fusion5X 2.0 increases voice, text and 4G LTE signals for all North American cell carriers and devices. Configurable for all indoor environments, Fusion5X 2.0 reduces dropped & missed calls and improves 4G LTE data speeds to ensure everyone has a reliable connection to their mobile device.
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Featured Installation

This installation was at a large beachfront residence in clearwater.  This home was constructed with energy efficient materials and had a metal roof both of which were not allowing adequate penetration of cell phone signals.  A previous installer used a cheap consumer grade booster which was not providing adequate coverage in the residence.  Full Signal Florida was hired to install a proper commercial grade booster amplifier, properly aim the outside antenna, and calibrate the system for maximum output.  We installed a powerful HiBoost amplifier.  They now have amazing cell phone coverage throughout the residence.
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